Ich will es gleich. Ich will’s instant.
Ich will die Taube in der Hand.

Brandenburg Gate

brandenburg_gateBrandenburg Gate. Berlin, Germany.

Reading lamp

lampBerlin, Germany.

Via Dei Fori Imperiali

fori_imperialiVia Dei Fori Imperiali. Rome, Italy.

Fontana di Trevi

fontana.jpgFontana di Trevi. Rome, Italy.
If you are in a romantic mood don’t go there, or maybe in the middle of the night. And don’t climb on the fountain, there are guards with police whistles and they are willing to use them!

Campo Santo Teutonico

Campo Santo Teutonico. Rome, Italy.
The Campo Santo Teutonico is a cemetery for German-speaking Pilgrims who died in Rome. To visit it you have to go to the left Entrance (near St. Peter’s Square). The Swiss Guards will only let you enter when you speak German, even though they don’t check if you are Catholic.


osamaFew people know that Osama bin Laden loved to watch TV. His favourite TV show was “Situation Room”.

Pet mass

massCatholic mass for pets. Nuremberg, Germany. 2012.


style.jpgAlexanderplatz. Berlin, Germany. 2016.


fies.jpgBerlin, Germany.

Auch schlechte Wortspiele können zu etwas nutze sein. Dieses hier z.B. diente als Sonnenschutz an einem heißen Tag.

hypnocatI uploaded a lot of photos to my website. Hypnocat wants you to look at it. Look. at. it.

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