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20170204-_mg_282220170204-_mg_282320170204-_mg_282620170204-_mg_282720170204-_mg_282920170204-_mg_283120170204-_mg_283220170204-_mg_283420170204-_mg_283620170204-_mg_2837Anti-Trump Demonstration. Berlin, Germany.



syriaA demonstration in solidarity for the Syrian people, some years ago in Berlin. The banner was left blank to symbolise that the world gives a fuck about Syria.

Anti war

anti_war.jpgAnti war protest (performance). Berlin, Germany.

Equal Pay

equal_pay.jpgTwo women return from an Equal Pay demonstration. Berlin, Germany. 2016.

20160504Years ago a single man erected a “protest camp” opposite of German Foreign Office. He is still protesting. Berlin, Germany.

Berlin Nazifrei


Berlin, Germany.

Al-Quds Day


Al-Quds Day. Berlin, Germany. 2013 (

End the war in Kurdistan

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Kira çok yüksek


Demonstration against Gentrification by Kotti & Co, a community of tenants at Kottbusser Tor in Berlin fighting against rising rents. They still fight, go here and like them. Berlin, Germany. 2012.

International Women’s Day

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